Artist Profile – Basilisk

“When it comes to music, I don’t care what genre it’s from, if it gives me goosebumps, I like it!”

These are Tim Howard’s thoughts on any debate over musical genres and which one is best. Focusing heavily on Jungle/Drum and Bass and all of its sub genres, he has an affinity for dark synth and heavy bass lines. Alternatively, and speaking to the diversity of his love of music, if it’s house on the menu expect heavy bass and a lot of funk.

Having the privilege to be immersed in the late 90’s to early 2000’s North FL music scene, he will cite examples of influence such as Hospital Records, Virus Recordings, Nervous Records, Defected and Hooj Choons. As well artists like AK1200, DJ Dara, DJ Sneak and Mark Farina.

Starting out at local legendary venues like Milk Bar and Club 5, Tim has recently begun spreading his passion for mixing to farther reaches.

Although preferring the Technic 1200’s He will never shy away from other technologies and feels his skill level should incorporate all forms of interface.

A proud member of a beautiful and tight knit music community, Tim gives a lot of credit for his influence and support to his equally talented peers.

“I just love mixing music. I feel extremely blessed to be able to speak to others musically and have them see and feel what I do when I play”