The History of JaxDnB

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The JaxDnB name and logo were given birth in 2005, originating as a message board for the local community (read more about it on this blog post.) It was a dedicated place to share events and discuss other drum n bass topics of the time. Of course DnB had been happening in Jacksonville for almost a decade prior, thanks to some of the deejays who brought the sound via those early record stores.

While the local music scene may have been centered around a handful of DJ collectives, JaxDnB was always meant to be a place for everyone to participate. Furtive Communications Consortium, Revolution Productions, Worlds Collide, and other collectives were constantly pushing the boundaries of what drum & bass events could be in Jacksonville.

Eventually the message board would be retired, replaced by popular social media platforms. One of the unique things about the Jax Drum n Bass scene has been its fluidity. Many supporters have relocated to and from the area with some of them going on to achieve great things. New record labels, booming podcasts, recurring events, and signed music producers would all be born with Jacksonville roots. With every batch of people who have left, a new group has stepped in to help repopulate the scene.

Where we are today

With over 25 years of drum & bass history and culture in Jacksonville Florida, those who have stuck around are no stranger to the roller coaster ride that is our local scene. Jax Drum n Bass is as strong now as it’s ever been, thanks to a new generation of fans who are either discovering the music for the first time, or who have grown up with their parents listening to it. We continue to work collectively to share past experience while embracing the energy and drive being brought forth by the new wave of deejays and event promoters. It is, and always has been, a collaborative effort to make our scene flourish.

A look back in time

Check out our archive of event flyers collected from the past twenty-plus years. We are extremely fortunate to have seen some of the greatest and most respected Drum & Bass artists come and grace our city. Of course, it had to have the local foundation too, set in place by the various weekly and one-off events at the various venues which have come and gone. Please send us a message if you have event flyers you don’t see below and would like to contribute to our archive.