Artist Profile – Caesar Augustvs Bassus III

DJ / Music Producer – RadHaz Records

It isn’t every day you come across someone like Caesar Augustvs Bassus III, also known as CAB 3. The DJ and producer has a distinctive image: the face of a Greco-Roman figure carved from the highest quality marble, dressed in slick tracksuits and luxurious jewellery. It’s a mixture of the classic and the contemporary, giving CAB 3 a captivating character in a sea of interchangeable personas.

Like any emperor would be, Caesar is from Rome. But the artist behind this unique project calls Jacksonville, FL his home. The bass scenes of the city are his thrones, where he has played shows at clubs such as 1904, Nighthawks, and Myth. CAB 3 plays a high-octane set of trap and drum & bass, performed in full garb, featuring Greco-Roman props for maximum immersion.

Alongside this singular visual look comes a varied set of genres. Drum & bass, trap, dubstep, hip-hop, and drill make up the sounds of CAB 3’s back catalogue. His upcoming EP Did You Really?, presents a cavernous vision of bass music, while the liquid D&B of ‘Can’t Slow Me Down’ shows a producer with a penchant for all things melodic. Fans of CAB 3 have highlighted his “unique mixes and captivating sound”, while the artist has seen press exposure from the likes of Grungecake and We Rave You, along with radio appearances on Kane FM, Wild1Radio and El Nido DNB. With his music played across Europe, it’s clear that CAB 3 is making waves in his home country and beyond.

But it’s not all about the music. Like the many genres he touches, CAB 3’s interests stretch far and wide. Fashion is one of these interests, with his sense of style being part of Artwalk: a monthly event in Jacksonville, where a procession of models shows off their looks through the streets and finish the event with a one-of-a-kind fashion show. Here, CAB 3 is on music duties, spinning a combination of new and vintage Miami house music, showing his dedication to being at the forefront of every prominent electronic genre.

So, what’s next for CAB 3? A move into live shows, building on the lively and immersive DJ sets he’s built his name on. For an artist with a focused vision, the sky is the limit for Caesar Augustvs Bassus III.