Artist Profile – iLLSiC

“What’s good!? It’s your boy, Jose, aka iLLSiC. I was born in Managua, Nicaragua and I immigrated to the United States at a young age. I lived in Jacksonville, Florida the majority of my life and Southern hip hop had a huge influence on me.

In high school I started making beats for the homies to rap over and throughout the years taught myself the basics on a keyboard and drums. I eventually took courses to learn music theory, recording and mixing techniques.

I was lucky enough to intern at a few recording studios and learned basic front of the house engineering for live performances. However, most of my time was spent recording and mixing in a professional studio. After the internships, I worked freelance at a few recording studios and spent 6 years working in radio broadcasting as a producer and board operator.

In 2020 I started DJing with a couple of friends. Later that year I bought a XDJ-RX2 and I have been DJing ever since. I started with hip hop tracks but eventually got into drum and bass. So far, every DJing gig I’ve had was promoted as a drum and bass/bass music gig, so I think I’m a drum and bass DJ now.” -ILLSIC