Artist Profile – IonZ

DJ / Music Producer

IonZ, a Florida DJ/producer residing in Jacksonville, is a frequent name throughout the electronic music scene. Getting his first taste back in the early nineties he found his love for the music. Once meeting and getting to know the dj’s in the club scene he found something that he would never let go of. After a while and getting his collection and style together he started playing after parties then on to the local clubs and nearby cities.

IONZ was better known in his early years for playing drum and bass, progressive breaks and house music, loving all styles across the board. Playing shows along side renowned artists including DJ Three, Dave Cannalte, Dieselboy, DJ Icey, General MIDI, LTJ Bukem, St. Piere, Sandy, Monk, George Acosta, Koma & Bones, Wavewhore, and a few others, his passion grew even more. After a few years he found himself seeing the production side of electronic music, and has now been on labels such as, Ecco Recordings, Mutism, and Heavyweight.

As humbling as he is in the electronic scene this veteran dj can get a party going no matter the occasion, and will never disappoint the dance floor.