Artist Profile – Matt Caulder

A pique of the Jacksonville dance community for 30+ years, Matt is the owner of the legendary Handsome Zacks Records which caters to DJ’s around the world. Matt threw Jacksonville’s very first ALL Jungle show in 1995 at the Fat Kat Lounge. From there he started up the first regular DnB night at Club 5 which ran for nearly 2 years.

Since then he has stumbled his way throughout the glorious Southeastern United States playing such hole in the wall places like Riversides famed “Crack House” as well as The Green Room, The Cave and Orlandos Torque. He’s played alongside such luminaries as Paris Trillton, Oprah Spinfrey, STDJ, Wes Reed, Darrel Duke, Vinyl Richie and dBridge among others. He’s also hung out with some really cool people over the years.

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