Artist Profile – XMSN

DJ / Music Producer / Event Producer / Event Promoter – Invasive Ceremonies

XMSN is one of many transplants from the Western U.S., having spent his early rave days in and around Denver, CO before making his way to Florida. Coming from a rock and punk music background as well as being a musician in a band, the allure of electronic music and rave culture was not far away. After a hiatus, the bug caught him again in 2013 and since that time, he’s continued to push himself, honing his DJ chops while networking and building a community around a love for the music. The first official Invasive Ceremonies event was held in 2020, while prior efforts included hosting a Worknight Sessions weekly as far back as 2016, plus several appearances at Archetype’s Drum n Bass Night which evolved into Modūl hosted by Clyde Avery.

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